(1)It shall be the duty of the Commission to ensure that standards of admission, teaching, examination, research, extension programme, qualified teachers and infrastructure, are being maintained by the Private Educational Institutions in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Regulatory Bodies of the Central Government or the State Government or by the Central Government or the State Government from time to time. In case of failure of the Educational Institution to meet the standards laid down, the Commission shall have the power to penalize the Educational Institutions under section 11 of the Act and in case of successive failure of an Institution to meet the standards, the Commission may recommend to the State Government/ Regulatory Body for the winding up of the Institution.

(2) The Commission shall ensure that the admissions in the Private Educational Institutions are based on merit achieved in National Common Entrance Test or the State Common Entrance test or any other test as notified by the State Government and where there is no National Level Common Entrance Test, or State Level Common Entrance Test or any other test, the merit shall be determined strictly on the basis of the marks obtained in the qualifying examination.

(3) The Commission shall develop an appropriate mechanism for receipt and redressal of grievances of students and parents, and direct the private institution to set-up a proper Grievances Redressal mechanism for redressal of complaints reported to the Commission. Such complaints shall be addressed within the time fixed by the Commission with details of the steps taken by the institution to redress such complaint.

(4) The Commission may conduct inspections of Private Educational Institutions as and when required and may form expert committees, for inspections of Private Educational Institutions.

(5) The Commission shall have the power to monitor and regulate fees in Private Educational Institutions.

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