Welfare Schemes

Details of various facilities/concessions extended by Himachal Pradesh Government to the defence service personnel, ex-servicemen and their dependents 

Age Relaxation in Police Department   
Age Relaxation Against Un-reserved Categories   
Eligibility for the Dependent   
Training Facilities   
Educational Concessions   
Other Facilities and Concessions   


EMPLOYMENT                                                                                                                                            Top

The Government of Himachal Pradesh reserved 15% vacancies in class I to IV technical and non-technical posts to be filled up through direct recruitment for the Released Indian Armed Forces personnel who joined service or were commissioned on or after the 1st day of November 1962, and are released thereafter. The above reservation will also be applicable in Public Sector Undertakings/Corporations/Autonomous Bodies.

Class I and II vacancies so reserved shall be filled up on the basis of their record of military service and their performance at a written examination and viva- voice test to be conducted by the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission and class III and IV vacancies are filled through the Special Cell for the employment of ex-servicemen and the Employment Exchanges.

No Released Armed Forces personnel shall be eligible to appear for examination/ interview unless:-

(a) He possesses the minimum educational qualifications prescribed for direct recruitment to the post to which he is to be appointed. 
(b) His age at the time of joining military service or training prior to the commission, as the case may be, does not exceed the upper age limit prescribed for direct recruitment to such posts; 

(c) After release from the Armed Force of the Union of India he is found to be physically and mentally fit in accordance with the provisions of the service rules applicable to such posts. 



Recruitment of Ex-servicemen in Police Department – concessions of age and educational qualifications                                                                                       Top

The Himachal Pradesh Government have decided to accept the 1st Class certificate with 15 years military service for appointment as constable in Himachal Pradesh Armed Police only with explicit understanding that such recruit shall not be entitled to promotion to higher ranks unless they pass matriculation examination. Further the break in service between the date of enrolment in the Police and that of discharge from the Army is now of enhanced from two years to four years.

The Government of Himachal Pradesh have decided that the ex-servicemen re-employed in the Police Department will not be subjected to ‘Rope Climbling Test’ and ‘Obstacle Course’ during their initial training, since they join Police service at an advanced age.


Age relaxation for Ex-servicemen seeking appoinment against Un-Reserved vacancies                                                                                          Top

The Himachal Pradesh Government have decided that in the case of ex-servicemen seeking appointment against un-reserved vacancies under the State Government made otherwise than on the basis of open competitive test to be held by the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission, the period of approved military service rendered by a particular candidate should be deducted from his actual age and if the resultant age does not exceed the prescribed age limit for the post applied for by him by more than three years, he should be deemed to have satisfied the conditions for appointment to the post in question in respect of the maximum age.

Ex-servicemen will be given preference in the matter of recruitment to the posts of Warden Guards in the Jails. 


Eligibility of the Dependent sons, daughters and wife of Ex-servicemen for the posts reserved for the Ex-Servicemen                                                   Top

The Himachal Pradesh Government have decided that in cases where it is obvious that Ex-servicemen would not at all be available for appointment to any category of posts, the posts so reserved for Ex-servicemen may be filled by dependent sons, daughter and wife of the Ex-servicemen in the First attempt with the prior concurrence of the Special Cell.

Himachal Pradesh Government have recognized the India Naval Trade CPOR (Telegraphist/Special) for the purpose of recruitment to the subordinate posts and services under the State Government where J.B.T./P.E.T. or its equivalent is prescribed as a recruitment qualification.  


Training Facilities                                                                                                     Top

Five seats in each of the I.T.I.s in Himachal Pradesh for admission in various Engineering and non-Engineering trades have been reserved for the Ex-servicemen. Age limit for admission in the I.T.I.s from 15 to 25 years has been relaxed to 45 years in case of the Ex-servicemen. In case no suitable Ex-servicemen are available these seats are filled from amongst the dependent children of the Ex-servicemen.
15% seats have been reserved in J.B.T. and B.Ed. training classes for the Ex-servicemen.
Disabled Ex-servicemen undergoing training at Queen Mary’s Technical School Kirkee (Pune) are paid maintenance allowance at the rate of Rs.900/- per month per trainee.
The post-Release trainees are given stipend at the rate of Rs.250/- per month.


Educational Concessions                                                                                        Top

In Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla, 2 seats for the wards of Defence personnel who are bonafide resident of Himachal Pradesh, have been reserved; one seat is for the wards of Ex-servicemen and one is for the wards of the serving Defence personnel.
Two seats (one in H.P.Govt.Dental College, Shimla, and one in Himachal Dental College, Sundernagar) have been reserved for the wards of ex-servicemen and the serving Defence personnel.
4% seats but at least one seat have been reserved for the wards of ex-servicemen in Engineering Courses.
10% seats have been reserved for the children of the serving personnel and ex-servicemen of Armed Forces, to technical Institutions viz, Government Polytechnics and Government Junior Technical School, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.
2% of seats in the undergraduate programme have been reserved in H.P. Agriculture University for the sons/daughters of the serving and Ex Defence personnel. Under this category, preference is given to the sons/ daughters of the Defence personnel who are gallantry award winners.
Financial incentive of Rs.6,000/- to ESM/Widows of ESM with annual income upto Rs. 3,00,000/-(Rupees three lacs only) whose wards have undergone coaching for preparation of SSB interview. The scheme is being run by Sainik Welfare Department out of R&R Fund. The incentive will be provided only once for one child on production of SSB call letter and receipt/bill from the institute where he has attended coaching classes.   

Ex-servicemen and wards of the Ex-servicemen are granted scholarship on merit-cum-means basis from the R&R Fund. Rates of the scholarship are as given below:-                                                                                      Top


 Ser No

Type of Scholarship 

Amount (Rs) (Per month)


Post Graduates course



Polytechnic and Agriculture University 



MBBS, Engineering, Ayurvedic courses etc.



B.Ed., JBT, Dresser  dispenser, LT OT Assts, General Health Schemes, Patwari Courses, Veterinary Staff Courses and such other equivalent course etc.



ITI/RDI Courses



For ESM only (Courses mentioned above and others)



Disabled Ex-servicemen undergoing Rehabilitation Training at Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centres, Pune & Mohali.


Canteen Facilities: Himachal Pradesh Government have decided to exempt from the payment of sales tax on the goods sold to the serving/ Ex-Service personnel by the Canteen Stores Department direct or through the authorized canteen contractor or through unit run canteen.

National Route Permits: Himachal Pradesh Government have reserved 12.5% Route Permits for ex-servicemen.

Exemption from payment of Examination/Application Fees: It has been decided by the Government that all released Emergency Commissioned Officers/Short Service Commissioned Officers and other ex-servicemen may be exempted from the payment of application/examination fee in respect of competitive examinations to be held by the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission or any other recruiting agency provided they were not released from service on their own request before the completion of their normal tenure of service under the Government of India. The cost of these application forms, will, however, continue to be charged from them.

Leasing Out of Stalls: 5% of the stalls shall be given by the Municipalities on priority basis to ex-servicemen/Released Emergency Commissioned Officers/Short Service Commissioned.

Allotment of Land on Lease: With a view to rehabilitate the ex-servicemen in self employment ventures, the Government of Himachal Pradesh have decided to allot 25 Square metres of Govt/Panchayat land on lease on road side, for a period of 30 years. Interested ex-servicemen should apply to their Deputy Commissioner for the allotment of such land.