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Project Vision, Goals AND Objectives

Vision and Mission of Project:  i-CoSC aims at setting up one-stop shop information resource and service centre for the people in the State using simple but state-of-the-art methods of organizing, sharing, and communicating information. i-CoSC will also act as a tool for development. It aims to empower the masses by providing access to community-based information and communication resources and ICT-based applications - particularly on health, education, agriculture/ natural resources, and rural enterprise development. Since 90% of population in the State lives in the rural area, most of the benefit of this project will accrue to inhabitants of the villages.

Goals and Objectives of Project:  

Improvement in the quality of services by re-engineering the administrative processes in order to extend convenience to users, minimization of expenditure/ manual work and sharing of information.

To ensure greater transparency, efficiency, objectivity, accountability and speed that can help overcome unbridled discretion and corruption by providing improved services in a time bound manner.

To bring Government departments closer to the masses by offering efficacious and speedy services under a single window.

Better dissemination of information through web portal and online status of applications submitted online or through post or by hand.

Reduction in response time in addressing grievances by the concerned departments.

Facilities to the farmers and villagers who make queries about latest techniques, advice for their problems, new technologies etc. from a group of experts pertaining to fields of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, health, fisheries etc.

Updated and latest information regarding public distribution system, list of beneficiaries under different programmes, information regarding government grants given to PRIs and urban local bodies.

Direct participation of the masses in governance.

Online feedback from users (citizens, departments etc) will be taken to improve the quality and features of the project.

To provide Internet/ E-mail facilities and links to various departmental websites through District Headquarter.

Target Stakeholders of Project: Citizens, State Government Departments and Institutions of Local Self Government (PRIs, ULBs) shall be the stake holders in this project.

Expected Benefits to Stakeholders and Outcomes:
This project will improve the quality of services by re-engineering the administrative processes. i-CoSC Centre at Tehsil will have real-time environment for all those services which can be processed at Tehsil level and will be executed as soon as relevant documents are furnished by the citizen. However, all those services which are either related to Sub-Division level or to District Headquarter Level, can be availed online from Tehsil centre i.e. user can apply online for a particular service from Tehsil centre and the relevant documents can be submitted there itself. There will be no need of repetitive visits to Sub-Division / District Headquarter. Instead, the user will get the status of his application (or even delivery) at Tehsil centre or through a web portal. i-CoSC Centres at all the levels (i.e. tehsil, sub-division and district headquarter) will have similar setup and same services at all places.

The citizen will get the status of his application at any point of time thereby making the system more transparent and accountable.