Status Of Himswan

Name of the Project HIMSWAN (Himachal State Wide Area Network)
Sanctioned by Department of IT, Government of India (GoI) on September 30, 2005
Scope of Project

Under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), State Wide Area Network (SWAN) has been identified as an element of the core infrastructure for supporting various e-Governance initiatives. The scope of project is to provide connectivity to Government Offices and Integrated Community Service Centres at State, District, Sub-Divisional, Tehsil and Block headquarters in Himachal Pradesh. HIMSWAN has been designed in such a way that it is expandable in future vertically (i.e. down to the Panchayat/ Village level) to cover Common Service Centres (CSCs) and horizontally (i.e. all offices/ locations within the same location).

Source of Funds Rs. 51.31 Crores by Deptt. of IT, Govt. of India
Funds Received: Rs. 28.29 Crores
SWAN Operator M/s Hewlett Packard India Sales Pvt. Ltd. to supply, install, operate and maintain  network for 5 years (Shortlisted through open tender)
Role of the State Government and IT Department

The Department of IT, Himachal Pradesh has designated Society for Promotion of IT and e-Governance (SITEG) as the implementing agency. The State Government through its agency will act as facilitator for implementing the project and subsequently provide horizontal connectivity to various Government Departments. Besides providing policy, regulatory and other support, State will provide site for HIMSWAN PoPs and identify the applications to be deployed over SWAN. Government of India will release funds to SITEG for the whole project (as per MIT guidelines) for a period of five years.

Status of the Project
  • Total 132 Points of Presence (PoPs) were to be established in HIMSWAN. Status of PoPs is as follows:

  • a) 121 PoPs are commissioned.
    b) 8 PoP sites are non-feasible from BSNL end as on date (i.e. Spiti at Kaza, Hangrang, Sangla, Pangi, Dodra Kawar, Kupvi, Rait, Ronhat). BSNL has been asked to work out alternative mode of connectivity at all these locations.
    c) At remaining 3 locations, site preparation of PoPs is going on (i.e. Nohra, Krishangarh, Multhan).
    d) Till date horizontal connectivity (only LAN connectivity) has been provided at 131 locations: Treasury: 32 locations, Election: 29, Police: 7, DPRO: 1, DRDA: 2, Fisheries: 1, Agriculture:3, CDPO:2, Others: 54.

  • Wireless Masts are being established at all PoP locations and are expected to be completed in 45 days time. Thereafter, horizontal connectivity to remaining offices will be provided.

  • Third Party Audit Agency (TPA) to be appointed to monitor the Service Levels of HIMSWAN Operator during 5 years operation period.RFP template from DIT, GoI has been received for TPA. The same is being modified as per State specific requirement.

Services/ Departmental Applications:
Applications being run over HIMSWAN
  • Online HRTC Bus Reservation.

  • Integrated web interface for Transport services (Vahan & Sarathi).

  • e-Registration for Electoral.

  • SUGAM (Integrated Community Service Centre) bills payment.

  • Weekly prices of essential commodities - Economics & Statistics department.

  • HP Public Service Commission – Online registration for HP Judicial Services Examination.

  • Court Case Monitoring Software for Divisional Commissioner office.

  • Factory database for Labour & employment .

  • Statistical Data of Colleges.

  • CCMS (Computer Call Monitoring System)Services:

  • Web Server ( to host web based applications so that the same can be accessed over Internet.

  • Database Server (SQL Server) to store data of various web based applications, thus saving money of user departments to buy databases for their applications and to hire technical person to maintain their servers.

  • Mail Server ( to create email account of officers/ officials and departments. User will get email-id
  • Antivirus Server to protect all the PCs connected with HIMSWAN from virus attacks and relieve user departments to spend money for buying Antivirus software.

  • Internet Connectivity is being provided over HIMSWAN. Therefore, there is no need to take broadband connection or any other connectivity in government departments for Internet access.

  • Domain Controller: In order to make efficient use of HIMSWAN, this facility has been created to define various policies for different users/ offices connected to HIMSWAN depending upon their requirement (i.e. Internet facility with limited access to avoid misuse, disablement of CD/ floppy drives/ USB drives in all those PCs which are being used for front-end operations to provide citizen centric services in E-Governance Centres and are being operated by contractual manpower).

Benefits to Government offices/employees/citizens

Major benefits:
To bring Government departments closer to the masses by offering efficacious and speedy services. Better dissemination of information through web portal and online status of applications submitted online or through post or by hand. Reduction in response time in addressing grievances by the concerned departments.Facilities to the farmers and villagers who make queries about latest techniques, advice for their problems, new technologies etc. from a group of experts pertaining to fields of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, health, fisheries etc. Updated and latest information regarding public distribution system, list of beneficiaries under different programmes, information regarding government grants given to PRIs and urban local bodies.o   To provide Internet/ E-mail facilities and links to various departmental websites using SWAN.o   The other key applications envisaged on the network are E-mail, file transfer, broadcast and data communication, intranets, electronic data interchange services, value added networks, government communication, call centres, information kiosks, data ware-housing, disaster management and maintenance of the wide area network itself. o   More extensive video and tele-conferencing facilities