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Implementation Framework

Himachal Pradesh Government is the driver for policy, regulatory and other relevant changes for implementing the scheme. The government will also extend its services through CSCs and provide necessary Infrastructure and other support to the SDA and Private partners.

State Designated Agency

SITEG under the aegis of DIT has been appointed the nodal agency for executing the project in a PPP mode. It will facilitate e-readiness of the state. Facilitate integration of Government services into the CSC scheme. The SDA will also facilitate training, capacity building and awareness about the

Project Abbreviations

Service Centre Agency


SCA is the prime driver of CSC implementation and are selected as partners of the government for implementation of CSC Scheme in the state through a bidding process. The SCA will identify CSC locations, select Village Level Entrepreneurs, train them, aggregate services and build a supply chain to facilitate services at the village level.

Village Level Entrepreneur

VLE is the key to the success of the CSC operations. While content and services are important, it is the VLE’s entrepreneurial ability that would ensure CSC sustainability. A good VLE is expected to have some financial strength, entrepreneurial ability, strong social commitment as well as respect within the community. The quality of service at the CSCs would depend a great deal on the quality of VLEs. Selection and proper training of the VLE, therefore would play a vital role in making the CSC Scheme a success.

National Level Service Agency

NLSA will provide program management support o DIT and SDA for rolling out the CSC Scheme. It will also provide strategic inputs to all stakeholders for effectively managing the scheme. Also it will enable DIT to review the progress of the scheme and to take appropriate timely corrective measures

Revenue Support

As partners of the Government the SCAs will be provided revenue support as accepted by the SDA through a bidding process. This will help make the operations of CSC viable for the SCAs and hence lead to successful implementation of the scheme.