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Vision, Mission & Role of Archives in Society & Education

Archives are not merely the repositories of record in literal sense but they reflect the system of administrations and society in its totality. While being the custodians of human past for the present and future generations, H.P. State Archives look for possibly bringing each and every iota of history under its commands so that there remains no inconsistency while constructing the history of the State. The threads full of historical contents shall not be left to discolour the history and its fabric in the State of Himachal Pradesh to H.P. State Archives visualises to be a huge research edifice of North India by 2020A.D.

Archives to be the custodian of public records play pivotal role in transforming any society. The old, rare and history bearing documents or possessions in the Archives remain an unending stream of knowledge for the research drivers to divulge the best of the past for restructuring beautiful present and leaving a rich legacy for the ensuing future while it teaches one and all the lessons from the blunders, misgivings, mismanagements, mispolicing and misadministration of the past. Society is always spruced up by the good deeds living in the annals of the records at disposal of Archives and no stage of civilization is lost to any society. The culture, art, music, history, sociology, finance, management, psychology, medicines or for that matter any aspect of such facilities remain alive to enlighten and to be emulated.

Archives does educate people or the inclinators to understand hygiene, public utility system, road safety, system of administration, financial management, legal system, law and order, food supplies, social order and all such issues which are necessary for safe, healthy and harmonious living of human beings. Imagine as if we do not have past to fall back upon, Could society flourish? NO! Because it has been a process for times immemorial to attain present developed system of society and it shall remain a dynamic one for times immemorial to come except for Archival instructions.