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Himachal State Archives put up exhibitions on occasions of National as well as State importance on occasions of historical importance, fairs and festivals of International & State importance, Archival exhibitions are organized to widely publicise Himachal State Archives to the world of Scholars.

Exhibitions exhibit the historical wealth of the State by way of displaying old and rare photographs and rare documents/manuscripts/books/gazetteers/charts/ stamps/State emblems etc.

If any office of the Government or any organization or public sector undertaking or educational institution or body desires to hold archival exhibition, they can send their requests in writing to the Director, Language and Culture or Assistant Director (Archives) and the total expenditure on putting up of such exhibitions is borne by the requesting office or as per the norms/ rules/ orders/notifications/ circulars issued by the Government or the Department from time to time to cope with the imperatives of time. In such cases technical/ preservation staff of the State Archives is to always accompany the precious possessions and under their guidelines, exhibitions are conducted. The terms and conditions for such activities are as per the decision/ orders of the Government of Himachal Pradesh through Secretary (LAC) / Director (LAC) or Assistant Director (Archives) or any other officer appointed or designated to discharge such duties.