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Branches of Archives

  1. H.P. State Archives does not have any branch in the State except for being housed partially' in a rented accommodation and partially in Government building.

  2. There is a well stacked reference library in H.P. State Archives. The books are mainly on Modern History of the State and the country. These books are not issued to the scholars but are meant for reference / consultation in the Archives.

  3. There is a Preservation Laboratory in the Archives manned by trained Preservation Assistants who render necessary repair and conservation to the records. Regular Conservational activities are carried out to the records so that no damage to the holdings in the Archives is caused.

  4. The exhibition of records and photographs while commemorating historical occasions are organised in the State. Three permanent exhibitions have been prepared which depict the rich history of the State.

Binding/ Mending: the officials are regularly undertaking Binding and mending of the records. The records received from the records creating agencies are at first fumigated and then binding, mending is undertaken. Thereafter these records are shifted to the stacks: where each and every document is kept disease free. Regular checking and cleaning of records is also undertaken from time to time.